80ft Hybrid from JLG

JLG has unveiled a new 80ft true Hybrid articulated boom lift, the H800AJ at Conexpo. The new lift will be available worldwide in late 2017. The new machine essentially uses the standard 800AJ articulating boom structure, but is different in terms of the power pack driving the main hydraulic pumps and the counterweight which partly consists of a substantial AGM battery pack, sufficient to operate the machine for a full shift. The machine uses a much smaller Kubota Tier 4 Final diesel – in place of the Deutz – coupled to a large electric motor which when reversed and driven by the engine becomes a generator that tops up the battery pack. In diesel mode the engine therefore powers the pumps and the ‘generator’ when extra power is required for steep inclines or heavy mud etc… the electric motor kicks in and adds the additional required horsepower. As such it is described as a parallel Hybrid system. The new 80ft Hybrid JLG H800AJ
The new 80ft Hybrid JLG H800AJ can work a full shift on batteries
The platform can also run as a pure battery electric machine . for minimal noise and no emissions. As with the standard machine it is equipped from four wheel hydraulic drive, and an oscillating axle, with four wheel steer option. Platform capacity is 230kg, with 16.8 metres outreach and 26.3 metres working height and an overall weight of 15.6 tonnes. The parallel Hybrid drivetrain on the new H800AJ
The parallel Hybrid drivetrain on the new H800AJ
Product director Paul Kreutzwiser said: “The introduction of the H800AJ is an extension of our ongoing hybrid work, which began in 1997, the year JLG received its first patent for a hybrid product. Since then, we have continued to develop a broad line of hybrid models that reduce emissions and noise, and minimise fuel consumption without sacrificing power or performance.” H800AJ cutaway
The vast majority of the new boom is standard 800AJ
Vertikal Comment An interesting new product from JLG which will add to the interest in this category generated by substantial success of Nifty lift’s HR28 over the past few years. It also follows Genies launch of a 60ft articulated hybrid late last year. The Hybrid boom market is finally hotting up. The additional interest that such new entrants generate must be good for all in this market if it raises awareness and encourages more users to switch over.
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